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Every brand has a story or two. We believe these stories can be told in many different ways. And that once a relationship has been established, the story becomes as much that of the consumer as of the brand it features. Different media engage people in different ways. We wouldn’t pitch a spa break to Drapers Record or a new line in trousers to Conde Nast Traveller. We wouldn’t send a video to a radio show or a chunk of market research to a fashion Instagrammer. Unfortunately, experience tells this makes us surprisingly rare.

We don’t have a template. Each client has individual needs and aims and we devise campaigns to meet them. But our creativity sits at both ends of the process. It’s not just at the concept stage, it informs how we approach the media as well. We only work with clients we admire. We want to help people live their lives with style by bringing to their attention the brands we know they would love. And we do this in partnership with traditional media - newspapers, magazines, television and radio and new media – blogs, social media and influencers.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And we’re here to deal with them. We know that crisis management is straightforward, but difficult. You need to get to the bottom of what has happened and communicate honestly, effectively and quickly. Even the longest established companies can compound difficulties by reacting badly, too late or not at all which can lay traps for the future. We can help prevent this.



We are a fast growing team with a pool of outstanding talents from the travelconsumer, lifestylepropertypublic affairs and corporate sectors.

Together the founders, Julie Giraud and Pete Bell, have decades of experience in media communications and public relations. Julie left one of the leading and fastest growing independent PR agencies in the UK to set up Lafontaine PR in 2017. Pete held senior positions at News UK and regional press agencies for the last 30 years before crossing over and joining Julie at Lafontaine PR.


We work closely with design-led, creative company gt&i, which specialises in developing visually compelling and emotionally engaging content.

Lafontaine PR is also part of Between Us, a collaborative group of PR and communications professionals specialised in property and destinations PR, marketing, digital and social channels. We are all experts in our fields, driven and passionate to the core.