Media Relations
We have unrivalled contacts across traditional and new media which enable us to open two-way communication between our clients and the people interested in them


Communications Strategy
We help identify clients’ needs and how to meet them. We can guide them from a vague need for PR to a fully-formed plan with quantifiable results


Content Creation
We can provide content creation for campaigns as well as advertising and marketing integration with our partner gt&i to provide a turnkey solution for clients seeking to streamline their communications support


Media Training
We can prepare clients for media interviews, help them deal with hostile journalists and help them write punchy, effective speeches for industry and media events


Partnership Programmes
When brands fit well together, they can both benefit from combined promotion. Often a collaboration can be greater than the sum of its parts. We will find the fit


Creative Counsel
Sometimes, even the best stories need approaching from a different angle. Working alongside our clients, we find fresh and original ways to present and deliver their messages


Social Relations
Social media presence is vital for most industries. We identify our clients’ strengths and weaknesses and help establish the right tone for their brands


Influencers Outreach
Many social media influencers have very tightly defined audiences. By identifying the people that fit closest with our clients we achieve very high engagement among their followers


Crisis Management
We are available at all times to help clients react promptly and effectively to any crisis. Getting to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible and reacting swiftly invariably minimises later problems


Event planning and execution
From a round of coffees with friendly journalists to product launch parties, from a small dinner with company execs and interested media partners to mini festivals, we’ll ensure events are original, memorable and flawless